1 Is it safe?

The server key client is a secure server with 128-bit encryption. You will be asked to provide sensitive information (credit card details, etc. ..) when you will be in the secure server only, covered by total warranty.

2 The error handling

Sometimes customers may do wrong operations during the payment phase. In these cases the service Secur@ allows to:

– Manage up to three attempts for the data submission related to your credit card without having to redo the order. After the third time the payment process will interrupted;

– Prevent double payment if you click twice on the check-out of your order;

– Prevent double payment in case of fall of the communication lines.

3 The order confirmation

The confirmation that the order has been forwarded to the store will be notified as soon as possible to proceed with the payment, in two ways:

– On the web via digital receipt (HTML page) provided by Secur@ containing a digital form which summarizes the purchase order;

– Via an e-mail containing the web address of the digital receipt.

The time between entering the data of the credit card and the mailing of the confirmation e-mail consists of few seconds.

4 Technical Requirements

You do not need any technical requirement or particular plug-in to be able to buy in the InvidiaUomo.

5 Which benefits do I get by registering?

You may save time every time you make a purchase order. You can pay with your credit card even if you do not have it with you and I do not remember the number. You may also participate to all InvidiaUomo initiatives.

6 I forgot my username and / or password: what should I do?

If you have forgotten your user name, you may go to the section ‘Register’ and click on ‘Modify my data’: after the appearance of the window to enter user name and password, press ‘Cancel’ and click on ‘username’ on the screen that appears. At this point, please enter your password, e-mail address and answer to the secret phrase to get the user name that you have forgotten. If you have forgotten your password, go to the section ‘Register’ of Nereideshop and click on ‘Modify my data’: after the appearance of the window to enter user name and password click on ‘Cancel’ and in the screen that appears click on ‘password’. At this point, please insert your user name, e-mail address and answer to the secret phrase to replace the password that you have forgotten with a new one.

7 How can I modify the recorded data?

Go to the section ‘Register’ of Nereideshop and click on ‘Modify my data’: after the appearance of the window to enter user name and password, insert your access codes. You will access to a form that allows you to change the password, the secret phrase, your personal data and the payment methods.

8 Is it a safe data transmission?

YES. whether it is a purchase order or the initial registration, InvidiaUomo protects your information using the SSL protocol with 128-bit encryption. Consolidated industry standard, it is in fact used in all cases where it is necessary to let the transmitted data impenetrable via Internet. The certificate that grants the authenticity of our website has been issued by Thawte, a subsidiary of Verisign EASY ONE SRL.

9 Can I trust leaving you my data?

Of course, for your and our peace of mind, we have adopted a multi-level security system and a database where the information are stored in encrypted form. In particular, the credit card number is used by us only, provided the validation of the same circuit (just like when you pay at the supermarket).

10 How may I trace the status of my purchase orders?

Our transactional system automatically issues a Digital Receipt for each purchase that you process. The receipt contains all the purchase order details and allows you to check their progress at any time.

11 Can I improve the on-line payment?

Of course. You may use the credit card of your choice (at the moment we support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and the new on-line currency, Pay Pal). The purchase order may also be processed with pre-paid credit cards.

12 I have no credit card: how can I pay?

InvidiaUomo also supports traditional payment methods such as the bank transfer. However, in these cases, the payment have to be issued in advance.

13 What can I do if the goods received are faulty or I don’t like them?

Buying via Internet is compared to purchasing by mail, therefore the same rules which protect consumers will be applied. In particular, the law concerning the return right establishes timing and precise mode by which the consumer may cancel the purchase and / or return the goods received.

14 Are the prices VAT inclusive?

It depends on the nationality of the customer who placed the order. VAT is already calculated in the purchase invoices for customers belonging to EEC countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Hungary). At the contrary, the shipment to EXTRA EEC countries is not subject to taxes: it is customer responsibility to pay any local tax and / or customs.

15 When I make a purchase order, is a fiscal receipt or invoice issued?

Yes, it is your responsibility to choose, at the purchase moment, if you wish to receive the receipt or the invoice. In both cases, the tax documentation is sent with the goods and delivered to the customer in a sealed envelope.