To process purchase orders on InvidiaUomo website, Customers necessarily have to:

1. – Be included into the category of “final consumer”, where “final consumer” means any natural and / or legal persons who does not use the platform for e-commerce business without further commercial or professional activities aims;

2. – Be 18 years old at least since one day;

3. – Meet the requirements to conclude a legally binding contract, be in possession of an account and of a valid e-mail address;

4. – Be holder of a valid bank account or credit card accepted for payment on the site InvidiaUomo (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners) or a Pay Pal account verified;

5. – Be aware of and accept his/her own responsibility that the use of the website InvidiaUomo is regulated by the Italian law.

6. – InvidiaUomo declines any responsibility in the event that, due to a malfunction of a particular configuration of the customer’s computer, the colors of the products shown on the website do not exactly reflect the original ones, but appear to be slightly different from the published articles.

If, however, there are discrepancies between the “clothing item” for sale and those reproduced on the site – due to sudden changes during production – the customer who placed the purchase order will be immediately contacted by InvidiaUomo Customer Service, to be informed of these changes and to be allowed to express their consent, to require the eventual cancellation of the purchase order or to be refund.

InvidiaUomo Customer Service is also committed to inform immediately the customer in case of non-availability of the ordered items on the site. InvidiaUomo grants the security of its web-site according to the international internet standards, but declines any responsibility in case of any problem, damage or risk that the customer may face while using the site or due to malfunctions related to the cookies deactivation in user’s browser.

The use of site InvidiaUomo web-site – which contains information on clothing items and the related purchasing instructions – implies that users / customers accept the rules and conditions of this legal statement.

This allows InvidiaUomo to exercise the right to request to users / customers to abstain themselves to visit and use the website.



The sale of the goods offered in the web-site is reserved to “final consumer”; for this reason InvidiaUomo will not accept orders other than from final consumers, orders placed on behalf of third parties or outside of the trade policy here described.
Similarly, InvidiaUomo reserves itself the right to refuse to process an order in the event that his financial institution expresses a negative opinion after the transaction’s verification with the customer’s bank.

It is also without prejudice the right of InvidiaUomo to refuse its services or the orders processing to anyone at any time. InvidiaUomo reserves the right to make corrections and / or changes on the website and on its content if necessary and without giving prior notice, and also pledges – where indicated – to proceed with the correction of any error or technical vocabulary on site.

InvidiaUomo cannot grant in any way that the content of the site (texts, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) comply with regulatory requirements in countries other than the Italian Republic. InvidiaUomo declines any responsibility for any access to the website from countries and places where the contents are illegal or contrary to local regulations.

All users who access to the site from these places or countries do so on their own responsibility, in the full knowledge that you are only responsible in compliance with local laws and penalties they might incur.

For any dispute arising from this contract, the parties derogate the jurisdiction in favor of the conventional Court of Bergamo.

All personal data supplied from the customer will be treated in full respect of the L. Decree 196/2003, Art. 13 and followings of the Italian law.



In full respect of the customers rights and in order to provide them a complete satisfaction, InvidiaUomo grants to the Client to exercise the right of return, as foreseen by Legislative Decree 185 of May 22nd 1999, “Implementation of Directive 97 / 7/CE regarding the consumers protection in matter of remote contracts” referring to Article .5